Thursday, February 7, 2013

Back Story Part One: You Meet the Girl

So, obviously my life didn't miraculously begin the moment I met Ellie. Though I must admit it got vastly better. Before then I was a girl lost. It sounds so cliche but it is far from untrue. I was constantly onto the next thing, jumping state as if it were a fad. Meeting people, and ultimately hurting almost every single one of them, or being hurt by them. It was almost a way of life. A game I played with the universe. Despite being quite terrible at it.

The story if Elle and I, sounds pretty bad on the outside. She was the straight friend of my girlfriend at the time, we'll simply refer to her as Bat Shit Crazy, or as a time conserving method, BSC. Elle and I officially met when I was 19 (for those who may try and figure out my exact age you may want to write this down for a math equation later) and though BSC had tried get damnedest to make us hate each other. From moment one I was pretty hooked.

Now you have to imagine, Elle is pretty much the most gorgeous creature imaginable. All biased aside. She's model tall, blue green eyes you can lose yourself in, snow white skin and brown hair so dark you'd think it was black. Aka= dream girl.

Fast forward about a year and we were fast friends and I had left BSC in another state entirely with no way to come back. Ooops? Just so everyone knows, she deserved it. And everybody else was just as happy with her sudden disappearance.

Now, Elle and I decided we would hang out once a month, which turned into once a week, which turned into 4 times a week, begging for more. I was like a puppy. We watched movies, played McDonalds Monopoly like it was a religion, and somehow managed to fall desperately in love.

I'm not saying our relationship is perfect, or that we've not had our share of problems but with everything we've been through the past 2+ years (how's the math coming along?) I've never been more sure about where my life is going.

Elle is famous for quoting 'your life sucks' in regards to my childhood, primarily. And she was entirely right. Until she showed up, my life was terrible and I don't think she'll ever realize that every day it gets better because of her.

More back story at a later date. Then up to date with the crazy story of life.

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