Friday, March 29, 2013

Blogging is hard

Time keeps escaping from me. Time is moving too fast. It's almost Easter and I keep asking myself where has the year gone?!
Elle's best friend is in town from New York until the 17th of next month so I got to meet her. She is lovely and I know now why she and Elle are so close.
My godsons mother is home all the time for a while and though I hate to say it, she's ruining him. He seems agitated and anxious all the time. Won't listen to anybody. I miss the little boy I layed 'nummy fingers' with and he seems to be worlds away from us.

On a much more positive note Elle starts her job Monday which helped us gain the confidence and we finally got the paperwork drawn up for donor! That means we will be trying for our very baby in about a month and a half. Im absolutely ecstatic and so is Elle. We've been waiting a long time die this. It feels right, I keep thinking to myself ' am I really ready for this?' But the answer is always the same. I've wanted this, with Elle for a long time. My life couldn't go in any other direction that would make me happier. She is my future, and I see that everytime I look into her eyes. She is home, and home has turned into a very lovely place.

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